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Book Keeping

Book Keeping

Ranging from scale small businesses to mid-sized companies, we assist them with remote bookkeeping, accounting, payroll, and tax preparation needs with the aim of ultimately reducing their finance and accounting operating costs. Ours is an all-inclusive value-added bookkeeping services to a large number of businesses in all industries all across the globe. We also present and deliver virtual bookkeeping solutions to reduce our client’s burden and minimize risks associated with financial tasks. All in all, we provide the whole package of proficient accounting-bookkeeping services, from tracking payables and receivables to taking care of compliance and taxes. Our services are generated keeping in mind the best interest of our clientele, to meet all their needs and demands and to provide them utmost satisfaction with our results.

Services We Offer

1. Bank reconciliations

2. Credit Card Management

3. Accounts Receivable

4. Accounts Payable

5. Inventory

6. Fixed Assets

Services Provided Under Book Keeping

Bank Reconciliations

We take over the burden of tiresome and complex bank reconciliation services. Our team routinely matches the balances in our client’s accounting records for a cash account to the provided corresponding information on a bank statement. Our goal is to deliver full reconciliation, cheque sequencing, assessing periodical bank reconciliation reports, and identifying and resolving reconciliation terms. We assure our clients that errors such as double payments, missed payments and calculation errors will be taken care of. Our team takes care of bank reconciliations at regular intervals to ensure that our client’s cash records are correct at all times. By availing of our services, you can rest assured that you will not have to face any bounced cheques, overdraft fees, or fraudulent acts and theft.

Credit Card Management

We understand the importance of proper management of credit cards. For the smooth functioning of the business of our clients, we ensure that credit cards are always available for drawing money, especially at crucial times. We effectively manage our client’s credit cards by making sure that they are paid punctually and all deadlines are met to avoid penalties and fees. Our services with credit card management include recording of all transactions through the credit card, payment of credit card dues within the stipulated time, and credit card reconciliation as per the statement. At DIGIBOOKS, we believe that proper credit card management can help small and medium-sized businesses to grow and become more adept at handling financial matters, and we help our clients to achieve their goals by doing the same!

Accounts Receivable

Taking over our clients’ needs of improving their invoicing, collection, and customer satisfaction with our Accounts Receivable services. Our services for the same include the administration of a consistent invoicing system, regular data collection for invoicing, conveying the invoices to the customers, communicating statements and reports to customers, aging analysis, taking care of routine follow-ups, and reducing accounts receivable adjustments and bad debt write-offs. We ensure our clients that we will use our latest technology in the accounts receivable system to guarantee an improvement in their cash flow and overall financial growth of the business.

Accounts Payable

At DIGIBOOKS, we understand that all businesses have to deal with plenty of bills that can often become exhausting. With our services, our clients can leave those bills for us to take care of! We ensure our clients provide a systematic and structured Accounts Payable service to help pay bills, receive discounts and tackle the vendors. Our team is well trained and equipped to handle a large number of bills in an organized manner. Our team will send out cheques and collect bills as and when necessary. We take care of our client’s vendor registration system, purchase order system, booking of bills into the accounts in an orderly fashion, preparation of bills for payment, and avoid late penalties. We believe that with a methodical accounts payable system, a business is better prepared to control cash flow, and our services will help you do the same!


At DIGIBOOKS, we understand the difficulty of managing finance related to the inventory as it keeps moving in and out. Streamlining and micromanaging these tasks can be quite a taxing and demanding process, thus requires precise and dedicated financial insight in distribution, sales, and procurement of the inventory. Hence, we help our clientele by managing inventory records, tracking financial data related to the inventory, and providing advice on optimum inventory so that funds are not unnecessarily blocked in the inventory. Our services can be the one-stop financial solution your company requires to unlock the potential of your inventory!

Fixed Assets

We ensure services that will help our clientele to not only comply with government regulations but also secure ways to save taxes to guarantee financial benefits over their assets. Our services in terms of Fixed Assets include tracking of purchases so as to proper authorizations and needs, tracking assets with books, maintenance of the assets and analysing of effective lifespan and replacement costs. Many adverse risks including finance and taxes can be incurred by harbouring inferior records of ghost assets and grouped assets, and our primary motive is to curtail such risks. With our services, you can achieve cost recovery methods and the best accounting methods for every asset and receive significant savings in taxes, as well!

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